Branding International Law Firm

As an international law firm based in Warsaw, PENTERIS sees itself as a gateway to the world for Polish and more widely Central European business as well as a companion for international companies on the Central European markets.

The Mission

Having co-founded and co-managed a large Scandinavian and Eastern European network of law firms over the past decades, the partners decided to operate independently in the future. This required a strong branding that demonstrates assertiveness and bold character.

The name

Based on the 5 core values of the company, we developed the new brand name PENTERIS, which emphasizes size, established status and being daring.

The Corporate Design

We also took up the five pillars of the brand in the design, with the Pentagon playing a central role in the straightforward and modern CD. The colour palette – a combination of black, anthracite and orange as a signal colour – brings with it the gravitas and fighting spirit appropriate for an international law firm.


Chief Marketing Officer & Partner PENTERIS

I’ve worked with a lot of people in my time and on a lot of projects and it’s great when you get the chance to work with such professionals; you are so communicative and have a deep understanding of design. Much appreciated!

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