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With over 650 completed real estate projects in seven countries, STRABAG Real Estate is one of the major players in the development industry. The fact that people automatically thought of road construction and infrastructure projects when they heard the name STRABAG was one of the challenges with which the developers approached us.


On the one hand, there is of course a lot of strength in the strong partner STRABAG. On the other hand, real estate development requires bold approaches, creativity and a strong profile of its own. Our task was to initiate a branding evolution based on the corporate design. This was to show the family affiliation, but at the same time be dynamic, visionary and exciting.


Stakeholder interviews in several countries gave us an accurate picture of the challenges facing the industry. In a series of workshops, the project team developed a brand positioning and value proposition for seven target groups. A persona with motivations, goals and pain points was then created for each to make future branding tangible and verifiable.


We developed the black lines in the STRABAG logo further – the result was a colorful key visual that no longer represents the boundary lines of a road, but rather an as-is symbol.

The wording including the claim (“Results you can build upon.”) also focuses on the meaning of the symbol: results, eye level, calculability, clarity, accuracy, word fidelity.

In addition to the new website (implemented by, the project also produced a storytelling manifesto, advertising visuals, a brand booklet, brochure designs and various corporate design applications.

DANIELA STEURER, Head of Marketing

The collaboration with Ferras was highly professional and goal-oriented. Despite lockdowns, we achieved a result that our colleagues are proud to present to the outside world and that brings color into our daily lives. Thank you Ferras!

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