Corporate Design

Corporate Design (CD)

F. Scott Fitzgerald once said that “personality is an unbroken series of successful gestures”. Corporate design, as we understand it, deals both with the complete series as with the single gestures and finds forms that enable successful communication.


Stand out or get out.

In the jungle of brands different laws apply:

If you don’t stick out, you gonna get eaten.


Ideas that open doors

Clients, investors, and employees

consistently reward strong identites.



We like business relationships that last.

As a reminder, our clients sign in walnut.

The series in corporate design is neither the standardization nor the statics of the single elements and applications. A web presence, for example, has very little in common with an image folder or a business card. The requirements are quite different, so why should they all follow the same exact pattern? The series in corporate design is rather a basic coherence of gestures: One recognizes the affinity, the common tune, the modes and motives.
Integrated Corporate Design

Gestures have content, style and a recipient. Corporate design, as we understand it – that is, holistically –needs to integrate all three of those levels. Therefore we will get to the bottom of your business. We will, in joint efforts, gradually find an easy to grasp answer to following questions: What is the business of your business (the content). Who are your customers? Who are your competitors (the recipients)? And what would be the ideal way to communicate all this (the style).
It is about suitability, coherence, the congruence of corporate spirit and corporate gesture.
Whether this corporate gesture will be likeable, playful, unapproachable, dirty, chummy, raw, baroque, pompous, or subtle and surprisingly modest – it has to work. It has to help the business reach its goals, whether internally or externally, short or long term, time and again.



Corporate Design


Corporate Design




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