Brand Development

Brand Development and Strategy

A strong brand is not for everyone.
Its function is to convey an attitude, to stand out, to highlight, to shine.
Both inside and out.
For customers, partners, employees, investors.
All brands are territorial.
They demarcate through marques.
Trademark protection testifies to that.


Stand out or get out.

In the jungle of brands different laws apply:

If you don’t stick out, you gonna get eaten.


Ideas that open doors

Clients, investors, and employees

consistently reward strong identites.



We like business relationships that last.

As a reminder, our clients sign in walnut.

The reasons clients come to our agency

• The competition is winning.
• We are not sure how to position this product.
• We want to grow into new regions and markets. Our brand can’t be trademarked.
• The message of our brand is unclear.
• We want to be more attractive for employees.
• We want to be more attractive for investors.

Our approach to brand identity follows three phases

  1. Analysis
  2. Identity development
  3. Positioning

In the first phase we examine the company as well as the current brand image.
In the second phase we get to the bottom of the core identity of the brand. To this end we give different perspectives, elicit brand associations and attributes and weigh them against each other. The brand identity is developed within a workshop.
In the third phase we address the brand image, the part of the newly created brand identity that is actively communicated to the outside and therefore establishes the competitive advantage.



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