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We feel sorry for you.
God knows how you end up in a situation like this:
Having to find a naming agency that creates brand names.
And insult to injury, you have to scroll through all the nerd talk about the art of naming, the science of naming, the Tao of naming.
What the hell are they hiding?

ferras naming agency team staff

Stand out or get out.

In the jungle of brands different laws apply:

If you don’t stick out, you gonna get eaten.


Ideas that open doors

Clients, investors, and employees

consistently reward strong identites.



We like business relationships that last.

As a reminder, our clients sign in walnut.

Show the names

Why not just show the great names you made and let them speak for themselves?
It works for TESLA, for VIRGIN, for FCUK and OBEY.
Just show the names.
And let the universe judge…

P.S. We understand where you’re coming from. We understand where your clients come from too. It’s sort of our thing.


Recent names of our naming agency:

naming for artificial intelligence agricultural robotics company by Bosch
Branding and business naming for an agricultural robotics division for Bosch


Branding and name finding for a hyperlocal app that allows you
to tap into the experience pool of your friends and acquaintances to find relevant services near you.


brand name for a fashion clothing company
Name finding and branding for a Miami based fashion label


naming for an online travel website featuring the best areas to stay in every city
Naming and branding for the first Where-to-stay platform

naming for a drone and UAV company
Business naming and branding for a drone specialist


brand name for a premium beer
Branding and product naming for a premium beer brand



company and brand name for a premium carbon fiber design company
Branding and business naming for a premium range company dealing in visual product refinement

naming for artificial intelligence agricultural robotics company by Bosch
Branding and business naming for an agricultural robotics division for Bosch


Branding and design for a new food supplement


Naming for a premium holistic dental clinic
Name finding and Branding for a holistic dental clinic


brand naming of an international strategic consulting company
Branding and naming for an international Strategic Consulting Company


Naming a start up seed funding company
B2B Naming for a seed funding agency


Naming agency cloud
Verbal design for a cloud service of Austria’s Federal Computing Agency


brandign and naming for automotive oil and spare part company
B2B Branding and naming for an international supplier for automobilesalers


naming of an infrastructure and construction company
Company naming for a Scandinavian infrastructure company


name finding for fashion label
Name creation for a fashion label


brand name agency finding for clothing business
Branding and name creation for a fashion blog


Naming a geo-location app
Naming and Branding for a new App

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