Branding App

The innovative app allows you to experience places through the eyes of other people in real time and gain insight from their perspective.

The idea

One simply places a pin on the map and automatically sends it to all users that are located within a certain radius. How long is the line in front of your favorite pizza place? Is there enough snow to ski? What does that swimming lake north of Budapest look like? As a result you receive pictures of users close by.

The brand

Since we positioned the app clearly in the segment of “Exploration” with discovery and fun coming first and information and community being second, the choice was made to call it MALOOKU.

The name

The word derives from the Indonesian group of islands – the Spice Islands – and means “crazy” in Portuguese. At the same time it contains the word “look”.

The logo

The logo illustrates the adventurous fun vibe with a catchy anglerfish hooked on the planet.

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