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Branding & Corporate Re-Design

Making waves: this is what the humpback whale is known for in all oceans around the globe. Probably because he can sing a song about it when he doesn’t have his baleen full of plankton. He is: the most popular filter of the seven seas. Except amongst plankton.

Lenzing Filtration, on the other hand, is part of the globally active LENZING Group and thus at home on beautiful Lake Attersee, Austria. Development and manufacture of filtration systems for industry is their daily krill. A new branding now provides additional buoyancy.

Brand positioning and claim

In workshops, we jointly developed the positioning of the corporate brand; but also that of the existing OptiFil™, ViscoFil™ and CakeFil™ product lines. Two previously non-independent product categories were given their own branding, creating the CoreLine and AutoLine brands.

Lenzing Filtration’s positioning as an innovation stream in the liquid filtration industry is expressed by the claim: INNOVATION FLOWS.

Brand architecture, logos & slogans

To complement the “Lenzing Filtration” lettering – which remained unchanged from the Lenzing Group CD – we developed a brand architecture for the product lines, which found its primary expression in logos and slogans for each product line.

The consistent thread to the design world of the Lenzing fiber group is provided by the lines flowing organically through the underwater world in green and blue: stylized baleen of the humpback whale.

Image photography and CD rollout

The image and team photos, which were taken at the Lenzing plant and at nearby Lake Attersee, really brought things to life. During the shoot, the humpback whale was allowed to breathe freshwater air for the first time. Since then, it has been on the move again around the world, at trade fairs, in brochures and on the web.

Andrea Sikora

Head of Marketing & Communication - Lenzing

“With our Filtration division belonging to the Lenzing Group we were faced with the task of carrying out a complete re-branding.

On the one hand, it was important to distinguish ourselves from the fiber manufacturer Lenzing and to differentiate ourselves from the existing fiber brands of the Lenzing Group. On the other hand, it was also important to reflect the affiliation to the globally active Lenzing Group (HQ: Lenzing, Upper Austria).

The Ferras team, led by Stefan Bauer, Brandon Walder and Suelie Somborn, managed this balancing act brilliantly. What’s more, they managed to fill our very sober technical filtration and separation solutions with emotion, to convey a clear message, and to make our external appearance stand out clearly in the industrial environment with a mascot that is a talking point.

True to the slogan “Innovation flows” that emerged from this Lenzing Filtration branding process, there is a lot of creative energy flowing through the heads of Ferras, providing us with all kinds of material to set ourselves apart from the competition and create something special.

A big thank you to the entire team.”

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