The Top

Corporate Design Rooftop Bar

Eisenstadt’s first rooftop bar not only offers a breathtaking view from Esterházy Castle across the Pannonian Plain to Forchtenstein Castle. The Top is also the cosmopolitan pinnacle for guests of Hotel Galántha. We created the corporate design of the bar.

The logo and key visual

The name chosen by the client – short, self confident and straight forward – is given an extra portion of tropical joie de vivre by the logo. We let the name-giving “on top” position resonate typographically.

The logo is accompanied by a stylized parrot. A key visual that spans the storytelling arc from the rooftop bar to the hotel lobby – where a larger-than-life, open birdcage with/without a parrot hangs.

The colors

As in Hotel Galántha and the restaurant Paulgarten, we worked closely with BWM architects to develop a color palette that exudes sunny vibes while going hand-in-hand with the colors and materials used in the interior and terrace design.

The bar necessities

In addition to the uniforms for bartenders and waiters, we designed menu cards and the signage system for the hotel and bar.

The Website

The bar website was created in cooperation with Christoph Gardowsky and his team as well as with support of the great photographer Gregor Hofbauer.

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