Branding Ad Network

TwinRed is an online ad network and ad exchange with offices in Barcelona, Los Angeles and Budapest.

The Mission

After a change of management at the online advertising network “Double Impact”, the time had come for a re-branding. Creatively all options lay on the table, but we also wanted to strengthen the connection between the brand and its owner, Docler Holding from Luxembourg, and primarily convey solidity and professionalism.

The Brand Name

The brand name TwinRed doesn’t just sound as if it had a decades-long racing history, oozing performance. It also establishes continuity with the theme of doubling in the predecessor name “Double Impact”, as well as with the owner holding company, whose employees are often referred to as “Team Red” at trade fairs because of the group colours.

The Design

A clever combination of initials makes the logo and name unique and memorable. The star of the high-contrast colour palette is a red that would befit every good racing car. Transparencies and cut-outs allow a flexible handling of photo material and video, at the same time a way to brand footage and imagery.

TwinRed Webdesign Agentur
TUMA Unternehmensberatung Branding

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