Branding and design evolution

Firstbird is an Austrian HR-tech-company and a leading European employees-recruit-employees programme. Due to a strong corporate growth it was high time for a new Corporate Design, matching the status of the company and the positioning on the market.

The mission

We accompanied Firstbird through an extensive brand evolution. Corporate design, key visuals, exhibition design, slogan and visual language were to be raised to a new level, to support the company in its success.

The concept

The central point of the new brand positioning is the slogan “Shaping together”. It’s the employees that shape the company and this idea shapes the new corporate design.

The design

The swarm of birds is dynamic, flexible and fascinating. It symbolizes the solidarity, the efficiency and agility that Firstbird offers its clients in the HR-sector. The new colour palette harmonizes with the radiant yellow of the logo and gives the design more depth and solidity.

The logo

“Finch” the bright yellow logo bird was slightly adapted and is continuously used. Irrespective of that it can be found as a design element, for instance in the design of the exhibition stand and business cards.

The fundamental idea

The swarm, its intelligence and formability, inspired us so much that it became the chief character in key visuals and other elements of the corporate design. With the flock of birds as a stylistic element we paint allegories, illustrate brand and product messages and create a visual bridge connecting to the logo and company name.

The humanness

Both with the product and in the own company the focus of Firstbird lies on the people, the employees. In the photography style defined by us this emphasis on the human nature is visible and sensible.

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