Hotel Galàntha

Corporate Identity and Design

Directly opposite Esterházy Castle, with a view over Eisenstadt and deep into Pannonia, the new 4-star Hotel Galántha was built on historic ground.

We developed the corporate design and branding concept of the premium hotel.

The Name

The name chosen by the client himself is not only an expression of elegance and sophistication, but also a reference to one of the places of origin of the historic Esterházy de Galántha family.

The Corporate Design Concept

At the heart of Hotel Galántha’s CD concept is the fusion of contemporary hotel design with historically significant, graphic referenzes and an arc of tension, stretched between extravagant cosmopolitanism and deep Pannonian roots. This finds expression in prominently used copper-engraved-style plant species, which had been brought to Eisenstadt from far-away lands by the Esterházys in past centuries.

Colors and materials

The color palette as well as the materials used in the CD were developed and selected in close collaboration with BWM, the architectural firm responsible for the hotel’s award winning interior design, in order to guarantee the perfect fit between interior and corporate design.

The guidance system

At the heart of every hotel design is the guidance system. It not only guides guests to where they want to end up and thus requires a deep understanding of the architecture and processes in the hotel. The guidance system is also the real interface between architecture, interior, operations and branding in the hotel.

It therefore requires consideration of all the practical requirements that thousands of eye contacts from a wide variety of people from countries all over the world entail every day.

Stationery and communications

We designed numerous digital and print media as well as promotional materials and event collaterals for the hotel’s external communications and day-to-day business.

Die Website

The hotel website was created in cooperation with Christoph Gardowsky and his team as well as with support of the great photographer Gregor Hofbauer.

Webdesign des Hotel Galántha
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