Restaurant Henrici – Sunrise Cuisine

Hospitality Branding
and Corporate Design

Every sunrise brings something new. For example, the Henrici Restaurant at Esterházy Palace Square in Eisenstadt was transformed almost overnight from a classic fine-dining establishment into an exciting restaurant serving Levantine-Pannonian fusion cuisine.

The Mission

One thing is clear when restaurants take time off: that time will quickly be up. Barely a month passed from the starting signal for the rebranding to the reopening. During this time, the entire transformation of the restaurant took place: in the kitchen, in the interior design, in the entire orientation and thus also in the branding and corporate design.

The Concept

At the beginning there was the culinary concept of the reorientation: the established fine-dining restaurant Henrici was to become the fusion restaurant Henrici, attracting a young and cosmopolitan audience with Levantine-Pannonian cuisine.

Levant and Pannonia

Historically, the Levant is the name given to the countries on the Mediterranean Sea to the east of Italy. The region of Pannonia is the fertile lowlands of Eastern and Central Europe, to which the Henrici Restaurant feels a strong belonging.

Sunrise Cuisine

The Levant and Pannonia have one thing in common: from our place of view they are the land of the rising sun. Therefore, we created the claim “Sunrise Cuisine” to position the restaurant – from now on the guiding star of the identity.

The Logo

The symbol of the rising sun in the logo appears in mosaic aesthetics – just as much a homage to oriental design language as the expressive curves in the typeface.

The Corporate Design

The corporate design of Restaurant Henrici is inspired by the colorfulness of Levantine cuisine as well as the patterns and shapes of oriental art and architecture. The use of very distinctive typography makes the design all the more recognizable.


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