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Branding for the global paper player ROXCEL

ROXCEL Trading has been an established player in the global paper market for decades. As an intermediary between players in the world’s physical paper, pulp and board business, ROXCEL has a local presence on every continent beyond Antarctica. We helped with the further development of the brand.


The mission was to create a branding that corresponds to the real standing of ROXCEL in the paper market. This means that the brand, including the corporate design, must also connect and communicate: between people and cultures, just like the company itself.

The Claim

As part of the branding evolution, we developed the claim “Unlocking Forward” for ROXCEL.

It combines the opening of doors with the orientation towards the future of the company. The sound is reminiscent of “looking forward,” which further emphasizes the idea of moving forward.

This supports ROXCEL’s positioning as a company that helps its business partners in the paper market to realize their potential. “Unlocking Forward” sums up the commitment to always be looking ahead and finding new ways to do things.

Logo and Corporate Design

ROXCEL’s new logo is not only an elegant, contemporary evolutionary step from what was before; with its intersections of shapes, it also symbolizes the culturally mediating, unifying facets in the international paper business. It represents the array of possibilities that ROXCEL brings to the table.


The roxcel.com website creates a world in the company’s brand appeal and repeatedly picks up key elements from logo and corporate design for visualization.

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