Restaurant Branding

The PAULGARTEN restaurant, located at Hotel Galántha with a view of Esterházy Castle in Eisenstadt, not only houses one of the largest indoor grills in the country. It also hosts a colorful crowd of national and international hotel guests and locals.

The Name

The name, chosen by the client himself, alludes to the fruit and vegetable garden of Prince Paul Esterházy de Galantha at the historic location of the restaurant, which was once so important for the city and the castle.

The Logo and Claim

The positioning of the PAULGARTEN restaurant is upscale but unpretentious with a focus on regional, Pannonian products. The large indoor grill is the centerpiece of the show kitchen.

The claim “Grill & Greens” sums all this up in an uncomplicated and casual way. It is comprehensible to both local and international audiences.

The logo is an elegant lettering, which will remain timeless thanks to its modern interpretation of Art Deco elements. It can be accompanied by an appetizing copperplate visual, which in turn creates a link with Hotel Galántha.

The Website

The restaurant website was created in cooperation with Christoph Gardowsky and his team as well as with support of the great photographer Gregor Hofbauer.

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