Digital First Recruitment Agency

TALENTRA. Talents at work.

To be the leading recruitment agency in the country in the field of digitalization for the benefit of its clients and candidates is the goal of the new brand within the APS Group.

The Mission

Both corporate clients and applicants – in other words, both sides between whom a staffing agency mediates – suffer from complex processes and obstructive bureaucracy. Many agencies have little time for the essentials, namely responding to clients and applicants. Digital transformation will free up the time that ideal match-making requires.

Brand Name and Claim

Even the name focuses completely on the person and his abilities: TALENTRA. This has a double meaning: recognizing both the talents that applicants bring with them and valuing them as talents, i.e. as people who are more than just a workforce. The claim “Talents at work.” reinforces this positioning.

The Design

Be on fire: That’s the prerequisite for making a talent really blossom. Both are visually expressed in Talentra’s figurative mark. A color palette of honey and berry tones, unique in the industry, not only ensures recognition and a unique position, but also supports the company’s human-centric approach while remaining progressive.

Key Visuals

A set of key messages, implemented as key visuals, serves as the basis for advertising campaigns, social media communication and trade show appearances:

The Website

The core of the TALENTRA website is the job board, which is as flexible as possible for both users and editors thanks to an extensive set of filters and a direct link to the company’s HR software.

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