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Dinner in the Dark

Vier Sinne sells experiences which can only be made in absolute darkness, like for example at a Dinner in the Dark.

The Teaser

After tearing open the perforated letter and unfolding the thin paper, a delicate, cylindrical object falls into one’s lap as one reads these lines:
We have removed the fuse.
The darkness cannot be stopped.
One was advised to inform the neighbor, remain calm and wait for further instructions. All of this without a return address, without a logo or fingerprints. No clues as to who the originator might be. Not until 10 days later all of that was revealed in a press invitation.

The organization

A few months earlier, Emanuel Frass, founder of Vier Sinne, an organization for dark deeds, had gone on a quest to find a partner whom he could not only blindly trust with the task of communication.

The idea

He was searching for someone who understood that the thing which only he saw needed to be made visible and plausible – alive even for as many people as possible. It was about transporting the experience of a Dinner in the Dark.

The results

Accordingly, our work for Vier Sinne was very comprehensive. Starting with the logo design and claim creation, we established the extensive corporate design (business cards, stationery, gift cards, tickets…), from branding of services, content work, to the webdesign including an online booking system, from out of home advertising with city lights, POS design, flyers, and the afore mentioned teaser campaign. Which, with a very limited budget, lead to a participation rate of 25% – during the holidays.

Emanuel Frass, Managing Director Vier Sinne

If you are looking for an extraordinary partner in branding and design, Ferras is it. It is not only the reliability and craftsmanship that convince, but above all the refreshing creativity coupled with an enormous passion of this agency, which has united us for 10 years now.

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When you send us an inquiry, you provide us with personal data. Click here. to see how we deal with it. Send

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