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Tender Design

We work together with corporations, organizations, constructors and project managers in all of europe. So far we serviced Tenderings for: STRABAG SE, Kliplev Motorway Group, Torque Cortex Group, NOROQ.

The tender

You and your team worked hard for the tender. Months of preparation were put into the project, hundreds of man-days, special solutions, technical expertise, risk calculations, logistics, the study of the respective legal framework.

The problem

All of those areas were devised by specialists.
Only one wasn’t.
The design of the submission.
The layout of the documents.
The presentation of the tender.
Keep in mind: The tender is no internal document.
It is sent to the outside.
Among people.

The appearance

With some calls for proposals the presentation is ist own criterion. It always leaves ist mark on the assessment though, without exception. We judge a book by its cover. It’s the same with a tender document. No matter how visionary, elegant or economic the technical solution is, if it stays dark because of an unprofessional representation, that will be incorporated into the evaluation, there’s no doubt about that.

The clients

In the last few years we were in charge of around twenty prequalifications (PQs) and at least a dozen tenderings with a total volume of several billion Euro, designing and delivering them on schedule.

The job

We offer: determination of a concept, layout and design, production and printing, navigatable documents for digital use.

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