Rebranding Tax and Business Consultancy

Prodinger is a successful Austrian tax and business consultancy firm that services small and medium-sized businesses.

The mission

The Prodinger Consulting Group approached us with the request to capture and express the unique spirit of the company: In word and image and design.

The starting point

The previous corporate identity seemed to be too smooth, too institutional and anonymous. Prodinger works exclusively for small and medium-sized businesses, many of them are family businesses, mostly in rural areas.

The course of action

The comprehensive stakeholder interviews with which we started the cooperation gradually gave a clear picture of the company. In workshops with the managing directors we got a full picture of the company.

The slogan

The creativity and passion with which Prodinger finds new ways or, if necessary, paves the way – in a field such as tax and management consulting – inspires the entire team immensely and culminates in the slogan “Das geht.” (engl.: „That works.”) that brings this spirit unpretentiously to the point.

The logo

Prodinger New clearly shows the variety of originals under one roof. Prodinger New now clearly bears the signature of its employees. Starting with the company logo.



In the course of our work we also created a series of interview image videos, , employer branding videos and animated motion graphics elements.



I have always had the vision of a tax consulting firm that helps its clients make their own visions come true. In my opinion, our work starts where it normally ends with tax consultants. By repositioning the re-branding that Ferras has developed for and with us, we have also made our attitude visible to clients, partners, employees and applicants. Before you had to know us to feel our spirit – now you want to get to know us.


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