The Best Practice Firm

Three well-established tax advisors join forces to create a firm that will work on best practices in key areas of the industry to lead the way.

The Name

The name is also directional: Pfeilgrau (literally translated: Arrow-Grey). The combination of color and direction, of movement and mood, of dynamism and coolness creates the tension that drives a best practice firm.

Logo & Design

Straightforward like the name is also the lettering, which is accompanied by a triad of arrows that cast the view into the future in form. Transparency with simultaneous substance is expressed by the combination of two-dimensional petrol with semi-translucent overlays.

J├╝rgen Sykora, Co-Founder and Partner

Bringing three strong founding personalities under one hat is not so easy. The branding idea of giving the whole thing a proverbial direction through the name has succeeded. Last but not least, thanks to the contemporary appearance, we are now perceived by medium-sized and large companies as a partner at eye level!


The website visualizes the different thinking that is the program at Pfeilgrau. Diagonal shapes and a lot of transparency set the tone. In addition, the entire website is characterized by a very personal claim, which is expressed through individual blogs and, in the future, podcasts of the three founders.

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