The museum association “Natürlich Kultur” wasn’t super happy with its name anymore and therefore tasked us with finding a new one. The association consists of 13 Berlin museums and exhibitions in a special location, namely in midsts of beautiful greenery. One can enjoy culture, education and relaxation, surrounded by nature. The fact that variety and multiplicity are quintessential, can be seen in the many different exhibition topics. The KulturKorso, which literally translates to “cultural parade”, is made up out of:

  • the allied museum,
  • the botanical garden with a botanical museum,
  • the Brücke museum, which focuses on the artist group Brücke,
  • the open-air museum Domäne Dahlem, which tells the story of agriculture and food,
  • the Haus am Waldsee, a place for the Berlin art scene,
  • the Haus der Wannsee-Konferenz,
  • the Liebermann-Villa, named after the artist Max Liebermann,
  • the Martin-Niemöller-Haus Berlin-Dahlem,
  • the museum of European culture,
  • the museum village Düppel,
  • the castle Glienicke,
  • the Schwartzsche Villa, for contemporary art from Berlin.

The new positioning and the new name KulturKorso were developed in a joint workshop with 16 participants. Together the heads of museums and exhibitions debated and developed a new positioning, name and slogan, that live up to the core values of the association: the emphasis on culture, the solidarity and the green nature, enclosing it all. After creating this foundation, KulturKorso could further refine themselves in regard to design and online appearance.


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