Rebranding Boutique-Hotel

New branding for the rustic-glamorous boutique hotel in St. Johann in Tyrol.

The name

The name “Brückenwirt” is used by various hotels across the region and often produced mix-ups and frustrations. That’s why we decided to do a really gentle but effective rebranding: creating “Bruggwirt”, adopted directly from the tyrolean dialect (Brugg = Brücke / bridge).

The brand

Thus the roots remain, while simultaneously evolving into something distinctively extraordinary. This theme can be found throughout the whole design, as tradition and extravagance are joined together to paint a strong overall picture.

The design

The tilted “g” gives the naming a twist and the bold color combinations highlight the unique character of the hotel. Guests are invited to get to know the Kitzbühel Alps in a cozy and luxurious atmosphere.

Hotel Photos © Cathrine Stukhard

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