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E-Commerce Retailer Mountgoat

Mountgoat brings new momentum into the world of online office supply retailers.

The challenge

A new online office supply retailer is entering a highly competitive market where products are interchangeable, growth rates are low and customers are reportedly not very loyal. With a few exceptions, one competitor looks confusingly similar to the other. A strong brand with a clear positioning should help you stand out from the crowd and stay in your mind the next time you order.

The solution

We leave the stuffy office and position the new brand as an outdoor brand. This makes the necessary evil of buying copy paper and toner a funny and memorable thing. The message of the new MOUNTGOAT brand is clear and plausibly links the two worlds: WILD AUF BÜRO. (“WILD FOR OFFICE”.)

The implementation

Image photos stage pencils that are used to make a campfire on a glacier. An igloo is built from stacks of copy paper. A folder is used to slide down a zip line. All touchpoints refer in one way or another to the outdoor positioning or the eponymous snow goat.

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