Connotation Screening

Connotation Screening

Some naming projects for European or International brands require linguistic and semantic checks in the languages of the target region. Especially consumer brands, online brands and product names need to be screened for meaning, associations, connotations, and pronounceability to assure a no-surprises brand launch.


Stand out or get out.

In the jungle of brands different laws apply:

If you don’t stick out, you gonna get eaten.


Ideas that open doors

Clients, investors, and employees

consistently reward strong identites.



We like business relationships that last.

As a reminder, our clients sign in walnut.

Natives are screening the brands in literal translation, but also in terms of a similar pronunciation as well as similar spelling. The connotation-screening maps out positive and negative connotations or possible troubles with pronunciation in the target country.

The connotation screening of brands is made by our specialized partner in more than a dozen languages.

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