Event and hospitality

Event and hospitality


Branding Galvano Events

The Zurich-based event agency organizes forbidden good parties all over the world: from Amsterdam to Cape Town, from Dubai to Oslo, from Prague to Cairo.

They are characterized by the opulent, joyful sensuality that made Italy great and ungovernable. The Italian doctor Galvani gave meaning to the brand name. He was the first to make muscles contract in an electric field. That’s why “galvanize” in English means “to electrify someone,” to make someone do something immediately, to make them become active abruptly.

Webdesign & Photoshooting Eden Bar:

The Eden Bar in downtown Vienna shines in new splendor. For more than a century, the former officers’ casino has attracted people who appreciate the spirit of the salon, love to dance to live music, and place a corresponding value on style.

For some a beautiful home, for others the sweet exile, for some the best place to talk, for others a good place to be silent. This is the blessing of Eden.

Webdesign & Corporate Design Vier Sinne:

Four senses sells experiences – which you can only have in complete darkness, for example at a Dinner in the Dark. Our work for Vier Sinne was comprehensive: Starting with the logo creation and claim finding, through the entire corporate design (business cards, stationery, vouchers, tickets …), from the branding of services, textiles of all kinds to web design, from outdoor signage to city lights, sales booth design, flyers, to teaser campaigns for media representatives.

Branding Wine-Tasting Event

Uncorked is an event organized by the German specialty store chain Getränke Hoffmann, where wine can be tasted in an appealing atmosphere.

For its wine tasting day in Berlin, Getränke Hoffmann was looking for a new name and found it with us. “uncorked” offers wine tasting in a stylish atmosphere. The focus is on 100 carefully selected wines that can be tasted by wine novices as well as wine connoisseurs.

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