Automotive and Industry

Automotive and Industry


Branding Automotive Company Legionaer:

Legionær offers fiber composite optical product enhancements in the premium and luxury segments. Headquartered in Austria, the company weaves technical innovation with eccentric, extravagant design by hand within the European Union.

Starting with a corporate identity workshop, in which the corporate mission, corporate values and concrete corporate goals were jointly developed, we developed the brand name, the slogan, the image and type mark, the corporate design concept and produced renderings of the prototypes.

Branding Automotive Company Kimaera

Kimaera Motors is a fusion of classic bodywork and the latest technology. The first vehicle to undergo such a transformation was the classic 964 Porsche from 1989. Branding, corporate design, naming and website were to reflect the power and exclusivity of the brand.

The name Kimaera refers back to the legendary Chimera of Greek mythology, a creature whose body is composed of a lion, a goat and a snake. In the same way, the car is given new life by incorporating performance-enhancing technology and high-quality features.

Branding Automotive and Industry Gottschilgg

Gottschligg has been mastering the reliable development and delivery of load carriers for automotive manufacturers and industry for decades. Their customers include well-known companies such as BMW, Bosch, Rolls-Royce, ÖBB and OMV.

As precisely as their load carriers carry loads, the individually tailored corporate design and the new web presence emphasize the Gottschligg brand. Whereas the previous appearance focused only on wooden pallets, the new design encompasses everything from special load carriers to mesh pallets.

Naming Bosch

BOSCH develops forward-looking systems in agricultural robotics. We took care of the brand naming. As a globally active high-tech group with a focus on sensor technology and intelligent systems, BOSCH is at the forefront when it comes to developing new markets.

This is also the case in the field of agricultural robotics, which aims to make completely autonomous, satellite-controlled and learning robots for agriculture marketable.

Branding Industry MT EVO

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