Brand und Marketing Audit


Marketing strategies have an expiration date. What worked ten years ago could be completely obsolete today. Be it changed consumer behavior, new governmental frameworks, competitors with high brand awareness or the slacking performance of distributors – the old strategy doesn’t work any more.


Stand out or get out.

In the jungle of brands different laws apply:

If you don’t stick out, you gonna get eaten.


Ideas that open doors

Clients, investors, and employees

consistently reward strong identites.



We like business relationships that last.

As a reminder, our clients sign in walnut.

Many businesses and entrepreneurs feel that something has to change with current marketing activities. But what? Sometimes cosmetic changes are made that don’t rock the boat financially or in terms of corporate politics, but they don’t really get to the heart of the matter. The other extreme often leads to staff changes in marketing management. We offer a third solution. That of the marketing audit. It examines problems and opportunities and recommends a concise plan of action.

Marketing audits are done systematically and methodically in a broad rather than narrow way and therefore include the entire marketing environment. Brand identity, markets, goals, strategies, identity systems, all current and past mediums and tactics of communication, from image and product folders to product packaging to illustrations, from advertising to trade shows, spots, posters, simply everything. We start by tracing the path the brand has followed over years or even decades. How can a future vision of an organization be developed without knowing about its past?



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