Corporate Design Data Recording Provider

Voxtronic is a supplier and market leader in the field of digital voice and data recording. It provides safety relevant services for banks, insurance companies and authorities.

The mission

Our task was to redesign the corporate design, mainly the logo.

The logo

The essence of the provided services and products of Voxtronic is the functionality of the recordings, which is symbolized across all sectors by the famous red point. After finding the perfect font, which embodies the geometrical spirit while being modern at the same time, we took the dot of the „i” and repositioned it, making it a confident statement point at the end of the name. At the same time the dot represents the symbol of recording.

The slogan

The slogan underlines the risks of communication, ensures that with Voxtronic any company will be properly supported in that field and at the same creates a wordplay around “backup”.

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