Transform. Uplift. Make. Alter.

Transformation and upheaval are exciting phases in corporate development. TUMA puts companies on track and makes them fit for the future.

The Mission

Prodinger Consulting Group is the rock-solid foundation of the team of specialists that now leads companies into the future under its own brand – especially through digital transformation. They are characterized by their hands-on and straightforward approach, in combination with the claim to be a partner for entrepreneurs in gaining maximum control over their future.

TUMA Corporate Shooting

The Name and Slogan

TUMA is the first step in the right direction. Into an eventful, always challenging, but also rewarding future. The future already arrived: Digital transformation is happening everywhere, all the time, already quite automatically. Those will be rewarded that transform. Uplift. Make. Alter.

The Corporate Design

An unpretentious lettering as logo, combined with a fresh combination of sun yellow and deep sea blue. Both underline, in the truest sense of the word, the entrepreneurial, hands-on spirit of the company.

TUMA Webdesign

Team and Image Photos

In a business based on numbers, it ultimately comes down to the people who make something out of the numbers. Who interpret them, make them useful, make them valuable. That’s why TUMA’s image photos also focus on people …

… as uncomplicated and likeable as they are. Just as we – their branding agency – have come to know and appreciate them.

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