Lightness and a love for life, these are the emotions that Rosé embodies. Rosé is the newest creation of the successful real estate developers CROWND Estates. We developed branding, design and naming. 49 bright apartments with a sunny and laid-back flair were created in the Roseggergasse 30, in the Viennese district of Ottakring. Joy, lightness and delight are values that stand at the centre of the design. The naming “Rosé” on the one hand derives from the location, Roseggergasse, and on the other hand shares its name with the popular wine. The name conveys through its meaning, as well as its calligraphic style, a feeling of freshness and ease. The soft reddish colours are reminiscent of wine blots, as if the Rosé spilled over, dancing in your very first own apartment.

Branding & Design: FERRAS | Renderings: noova design
Fotos: CROWND Estates; Franciele Cunha, Jacek Dylag, Justin Aikin
Website: CROWND Estates


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