Himmelweit / Wine

Himmelweit is the new gastronomy wine brand belonging to the Helenental Kellerei. We worked together with founders Manfred Bannert and Walther Schnopfhagen, creating a remarkable brand. After finding the perfect name, we worked on logo, website, wine labels and the art-direction of a photoshoot. „Himmelweit“ (engl.: „sky wide” or “heavenly far”) is inspired by the Austrian wine-region Retzerland — with its rolling hills, radiant sunshine and seemingly endless horizons. The logo too originates from the local surroundings. The great bustard is a protected species of bird living in the Austrian Weinviertel. It is one of the heaviest birds able to fly. Soft water colors, a hand drawn logo and freely floating clouds accentuate the lightness of the wine — the clear taste of carefully selected bottles. Himmelweit is young and upscale, mild and heavenly good.



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