Galvano Events

Corporate Identity Event Agency

The Zurich based event agency organizes opulent and upscale parties all over the world: from Amsterdam to Cape Town. From Dubai to Oslo. From Prague to Cairo.

The idea

The agency is inspired by that cheerful, Italian sensuality, which made the country great and ungovernable.

The name

Inspiration for the brand name was the Italian doctor Galvani. He was the first to let muscles contract in an electric field. That is the reason why „galvanize” came to mean „electrify somebody”, to do something immediately, to make somebody active instantly.

The design

The theme for the corporate design became a red carpet, that is rolled out for the guests. It is part of the logo and used as a design element on the website and in print. The cashmere business card shares not only contact information but literally hands out a piece of the red carpet itself.

The company

After establishing Galvano, the founder Markus Sassman created the label Galvano Iridium, Galvano Concierge and the platform Galvano One, which are all part of the Galvon Group.

Markus Sassmann, CEO Galvano Group

I have been working successfully with Ferras since 2008. The corporate goal of rolling out the “Red Carpet” to my customers was perfectly implemented by Ferras in scene and corporate image. At Ferras you get the best design craftsmanship with perfect advice.

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