Kanzlei Sykora

Corporate Design Tax Consultancy

The tax consultancy office Sykora is in business now for over 50 years and now it is ablaze with the light of a new branding.

The company

When Jürgen Sykora came to us for a new corporate design, he already had a very detailed notion of what the company his father led for more than 30 years should stand for in the future, and whom he wanted as an audience. In addition to the present pillars, especially wealth management, business consulting and public accountant services should be added to the portfolio.

The brand

The new corporate design needed to be lively, likable and valuable without being sterile, impersonal or elitist: the Kanzlei Sykora has eight employees, not eighty. It is a family business – and proud of it. It was important to emphasize exactly those advantages of smaller enterprises: quick to adapt, innovative, unbureaucratic and approachable.

The name

Sykora, the name of the company, derives from the Czech word for chickadee: a small, clever and endearingly diligent bird that is regarded as especially imaginative. Turns out, the chickadee already communicated many of the brand attributes needed. Value and significance, however, were not part of it. This would be the job of the material selection, the shape of the logo and the typography.

The logo

We transformed the great chickadee (Parus Major) alchemically into a golden logo chickadee (Parus Ferrasus) and paired it off with the sanserif font Gotham in purple. Initially developed for the fashion magazine GQ, the font represents the contemporary and the established in equal parts

The results

The new corporate design encompassed Word templates, POAs, various forms, design of flags as well as façade design.

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