Doc Faustus

Branding & Packaging Design

Doc Faustus produces high-quality
protein- and complete-food-shakes.
A hell of a good branding for a
devilishly healthy brand.


The task

We developed branding, corporate design, naming and website. Furthermore we had a photoshooting, packshots and product photography — resulting in one-of-a-kind photos.

Dr. Oliver Helk, General Manager Doc Faustus

We are very happy with the comprehensive advice and support. Ferras is the right address for professional design.


The name

The name was inspired by Goethes „Faust”. Just as the devil offers Faust youth in the form of a magic potion, Doc Faustus makes strong and slim. An all but magical effect, only due to natural and healthy ingredients.

The design absorbs this naturalness and simultaneously makes it more exciting. Doc Faustus has a strong character. It is subtly mischievous and sexy, healthy and subliminally playful. The real work lies in the details. The horned „O”, the hand drawn illustrations on the packaging, the dark color palette — all of it makes the brand unique. A hellishly good branding for a devilishly healthy brand.


In the online shop – despite the focus on functionality – the character of the brand and therefore the recognisability is in the foreground.

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