Rebranding at branding agency Ferras

For us a rebranding, a redesign, is more than just a simple facelift. It is a powerful step of evolution – a way of finding oneself. It means finding the right future market, taking a suitable positioning and addressing exactly the right target audience.


There are many reasons for a rebranding or redesign: A merger of companies, a new management, a progressive transformation of the market or your range of products. Or the ravages of time that lead to your brand not agreeing with the company values, reality and goals any longer. You need to recognise this, we take care of everything else together.

Rebranding of Ad Network TrafficStars

It didn’t take long in the workshops in Barcelona to feel the powerful team vibe working at the core: Real Humans with heart, passion and fire for their business. Both verbally and visually, we set out to capture the intensity at TrafficStars. And were grateful to find it in „The heat is on“.

The reshaping of a brand needs to be especially conclusive, motivating and future-proof. Namely for stakeholders, as well as employees and clients. It is essential to successfully transport brand values and unique selling propositions to the outside and communicate a coherent positioning on all levels. In workshops together we carve out the brand identity of your company and product and determine what it is that makes your brand distinguishable and unique. Thereafter comes the implementation: the renaming, the slogan creation, the redesign, depending on what’s necessary for a strong future positioning.

Rebranding Gottschligg

Gottschligg is reliable in the development and delivery of load carrier equipment for automobile manufacturers and the industrial sector. (Some of their well-known clients are BMW, Rolls-Royce, ÖBB and OMV.)

Just as their custom-fit carrier equipment carries loads, the bespoke corporate design and new website promote Gottschligg’s brand position. While the previous brand positioning put only wooden pallets into focus, the new one embraces everything from special, bespoke load carriers to iron-barred boxes.

The final piece of the evolution and thereby the starting shot into a new era is either an extensive corporate design manual or a brand booklet, containing the fundamentals, ideas and do’s & dont’s of your new brand.

Rebranding Boutique Hotel Bruggwirt

The name “Brückenwirt” is used by various hotels across the region and often produced mix-ups and frustrations. That’s why we decided to do a really gentle but effective rebranding: creating “Bruggwirt”, adopted directly from the tyrolean dialect (Brugg = Brücke / bridge).

The tilted “g” gives the naming a twist and the bold color combinations highlight the unique character of the hotel. Guests are invited to get to know the Kitzbühel Alps in a cozy and luxurious atmosphere.

Rebranding Tax Consultancy Prodinger

Prodinger is a successful Austrian tax and business consultancy firm that services small and medium-sized businesses.

The previous corporate identity seemed to be too smooth, too institutional and anonymous. Prodinger works exclusively for small and medium-sized businesses, many of them are family businesses, mostly in rural areas.

Prodinger New clearly shows the variety of originals under one roof. Prodinger New now clearly bears the signature of its employees. Starting with the company logo.

Branding Evolution Fintech DIMOCO

Dimoco is one of Europe’s leading mobile payment & messaging innovators.

Both visuals and the tone of voice for the claiming set Dimoco apart from the basic-casual-look of the industry and guarantees memorability. Enjoy.

Rebranding DeltaconX Software

DeltaconX provides a software which enables corporations to meet European compliance regulations more easily.

DentaconX offers its clients a platform that facilitates meeting European regulations and provisions. The software automates documentation and reporting, and makes compliance managable. In particular they service European companies in the finance- and energy sector, such as OMV, Wüstenrot and InCore.

Redesign Dispono

Rebranding Engineers Shortlist

Rebranding Reflex Mediagroup

Rebranding APS Group

Rebranding MT Evo

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